Attorney Profile

Mr. Chau is a warm-hearted family man who emotionally and intellectually relates to others, offering his guidance when needed. He embraces the concept and structure of what it means to be a family, incorporating those ideals to motivate his practice in Estate Planning.  Mr. Chau wishes to make a difference in the lives of his clients and their families, and his goal is to utilize meticulous yet efficient Estate Planning to spread joy and happiness to families of diverse backgrounds.

Mr. Chau has practiced as an attorney since 2011.  He offers services in Estate Planning and Real Estate Closings. His practice involves a multitude of services, including wills, trusts, healthcare powers of attorneys, general powers of attorneys, living wills, special needs trusts, asset protection, probate and other estate planning related matters. He also does closings for buyers and sellers of residential real estate.

A diverse and intelligent man, Mr. Chau double-majored in Cornell Univesrity in Ithaca, New York and earned his law degree from Loyola University Chicago School of Law.  While studying law, he worked as the execituve assistant of the General Counsel of the American Medical Association, who mentored him.  Mr. Chau continued to hone and sharpen his practice of Estate Planning, participating as a member of the Illinois State Bar Association, Chicago Bar Association, Christian Legal Society, and Catholic Lawyer’s Guild. He aims to equip his vast knowledge of Estate Planning to make significant differences in the lives and hearts others.

To ensure the quality and consistency of the services offered, Mr. Chau created the proprietary “CHAU” process:


Consultation - We have an intake procedure that collects information for the consultation, which is the beginning of the process for people who are seeking legal services.  You visit our office to discuss your concerns and what you want to see for your plan. Mr. Chau will take those concerns into account in creating the plan.  During this consultation, you do not need to know any “legalease” or have any legal knowledge. If you can talk about your family, what you envision for them, and what you are most concerned about, then this consultation is for you.

Create Plan - If you desire to work with us, we proceed to create a plan based on the conversation we had with you.  We will handle the legal aspects of your plan so that you can concentrate on your family. Our firm enjoys getting to know families and helping them reach their goals.


Hand in Information - We collect information to help us customize the plan and to audit the solution we carfted.  This is called due diligence. Every step of the way, we evaluate new information from the context of whether it works for your specific situation.  Our holistic approach takes into account the entire estate and not just what your goals are; we understand that there are many ways to accomplish a goal.  We are open to exploring them and providing you with choices.

Hone Plan - The information collected helps us hone the plan, making it unique to your situation and circumstances. During this phase, finalizations are made to the plans.  We pay attention to the details to make sure the plan works to address your concerns and reach your goals.


Autograph Plan - You have the choice of executing the plan through our firm or by yourself.  If you execute the plan through us, the attorney reviews the plan with you in person before execution.  You can also choose to have your plan reviewed through a video that you keep.  These innovations are the many choices that we provide to you to fit your needs.

Assemble Electronic File - We assemble the electronic file for easy access in the future. Our firm is committed to being paperless and does not keep the originals. You have access to your file for seven years.


Update Asset Designations - For trust-based plan clients, you have the choice of transferring the assets to the trust on your own or to employ our consultation and guidance in doing so.  We are here to assist you during the funding process.

Usher into the Future - We continue to send you updates.  You will continue to receive our newsletters after your engagement with us ended.  We believe in keeping you updated with the latest developments so that you can make decisions that are best for your family.

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