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September 2017 Workshop

The Law Office of Johann announces its September 2017 Seminar.  In this seminar, you will learn the following: The advantages and disadvantages of wills and trusts. Why putting assets in your children’s name may be a mistake. Protecting your children’s inheritance from ex-spouses. Protecting your children’s inheritance from their divorce and remarriage. Ensuring your wishes… Read More »

What’s the Big Deal about Probate Avoidance?

COMPLIMENTS OF THE LAW OFFICE OF JOHANN CHAU By: The American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys Are you curious what Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, universally regarded as one of the world’s most private women, did with her fortune? What about Anna Nicole Smith, Paul Newman, or even Elvis Presley – are you interested in knowing how… Read More »

Common Estate Planning Terms You’ll Want To Know

Compliments of the Law Office of Johann Chau By: The American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys Although considering the event of one’s own death can be uncomfortable, it’s imperative to start planning ahead and set up an estate plan that will guarantee security for your loved ones. Meeting with a qualified estate planning attorney will… Read More »


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