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Knowledgeable Chicago Attorney Assists with Estate Planning

Dedicated counselor offers effective advice on wills and trusts

Strong estate planning involves more than drafting documents such as wills and trusts. At my law firm, Johann Chau, JD in Chicago, I am a proactive, vigilant legal advisor able to create financial security for the people I represent. I offer my clients complete estate planning solutions and understand that numerous factors can quickly change your goals, so I ensure that your plans are up to date and consistent with the most recent legal changes. I also keep track of political and social trends so that you and your loved ones are fully prepared for the future. Whether the solution that works for you includes a will, trust or medical directive, you will emerge with a comprehensive program suited to your particular needs. From there, my firm will serve as a trusted advisor, suggesting proactive adjustments at any time to protect your interests based on changes in your life.

Accomplished law firm works to develop comprehensive estate plans

In the famous words of Abraham Lincoln, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Likewise, an estate plan will fail unless each specific element is devised with the others in mind. My firm prepares effective, multifaceted plans that include:

  • Wills — I help clients draft, review and revise wills that set forth clear instructions regarding the distribution of property. This includes providing knowledgeable advice on tax consequences, charitable bequests, and other relevant matters.
  • Living trusts — Trusts often serve as an effective vehicle for the transfer of assets. One popular option is a living trust: it allows you to maintain access to your assets throughout your life and then pass them to your beneficiaries upon death, avoiding probate.
  • Advance medical directives — You can spare your family the heartache of having to make difficult medical decisions by drafting an advance medical directive. This document authorizes the type of medical treatment you wish to receive in the event you become incapacitated.
  • Guardianship — If you have children, my firm enables you to make plans for their care in the event that they become orphaned. You can also set up legal instruments to address their financial needs.

In a free initial consultation, I am able to learn about your values and priorities before advising you about the options that might work best for you.

Skillful lawyer delivers authoritative counsel on estate tax issues

Between federal and state tax rules, people often make estate plans without considering the tax consequences of their decisions. This can be costly for you and your loved ones. Illinois does have a state tax on estates whose value exceeds $4 million, and while that might seem like a high bar, many people get caught because they underestimate the value of their homes or businesses. At every stage of your estate planning, my firm identifies potential tax benefits or charges.

Contact a diligent Illinois estate planning lawyer for a free initial consultation

Johann Chau, JD advises Chicago-area individuals and families in all types of estate planning matters, including the creation of wills and trusts. Please call 312-275-2447 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation at my office in Chicago’s Aon Center.