Our Core Value - Holistic Family Approach

The Law Office of Johann Chau approaches estate planning holistically, addresses clients' personal concerns and helps them make decisions best for their families.  While the firm does not downplay monetary concerns, it's sensitive approach to other concerns encourages holistic decision-making.  Our strategies address the most nagging problems.  For some people, the monetary bottom-line is not the priority.  There are other important issues, such as relationships and what those relationships may mean moving forward.  The firm has helped families with autistic children and disabled individuals, as well as educated those who are new to the estate planning process.

Our Commitment - Help you create a plan that works as intended

We provide innovative services in the areas of estate planning, revocable living trusts, healthcare powers of attorneys, general powers of attorneys, guardianship, proboate, trust administration, and wills.  We help you protect your wealth, health, and loved ones from unforeseen events such as death, probate, incapacity, disability, rising healthcare costs.  We are commitmented not only to provide customized documents, but also to bring peace of mind to you as well as your family.  Upon the completion of your estate plan, we provide you news of updates to the law, upcoming seminars and events that may be useful for you, and help you work through life events that may affect the plan.  Our commitment to your peace of mind ensures that we work with you today and the future to keep your plan working as intended.

Our Innovation - Use of Technology to Deliver Services

We are committed to utilize secure and competitive technologies to deliver you legal services.  We use Clio as a means of organizing your file and providing you access to it 24/7 through the web.  Clio is secure and confidential.  Over 150,000 legal professionals in 90 countires trust their confidential information to Clio.  It is approved by more than 66 bar associations and law societies in the United States.  It is inuitive and friendly to use, making your experience modern and relevant.  Through Clio Connect, we are able to continously stay in touch with you, communicate more effeciently and smoothly, and interact with you through the information contained in your file.  Among the things that Clio Connect provides are your appointments, files, invoices, tasks, and more.  The latest information on your file is a fingertip away.

Our Investment - Relationships

The firm has also helped families start their lives.  Newly married couples and those who are expecting a newborn have worked with the firm for their residential closings.  Holistic relationships are an important part of the process of putting together closings and making sure all parties that participate do their part to keep the transaction moving forward.  Our relationships with others have made the process more smooth and efficient.  And, many have leveraged those relationships, experiecing a smoother and more predictable experience.

We look forward to helping your family.

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